Company History
Founded in 2007, our focus rests on storm water management and storm water/grey water harvesting. We work closely with Cultec Inc. and Wahaso Water Harvesting Solutions Inc. to utilize cutting edge technology in the storm/grey water industry. The Clean Water Act declares that a certain percentage of the storm water runoff from a project must be contained and treated on site. In years past, the solutions have included labour intensive holding ponds, concrete structures and steel/concrete pipe systems.

Storm Water Management System
Geostorm has teamed up with Cultec Inc. to help manage any size water management issue from single family homes to offices downtown.
  • Earn up to 22 LEED Credits!
  • Rainwater naturally absorbs back into the earth after a large rainfall or when a large quantity of snow melts. When buildings, parking lots and other structures are created this natural filtration is lost and the typical absorbtive pattern is disrupted. If unattended these issues can lead to flooding, ponding property damage, etc.
  • Solution: Geostorm's complete water management system. Utilizing Cultec's innovative design rainwater enters the system and passes through the Storm Filter Water Quality Filtration Chamber. This eliminates silt, fines and debris. Then it is redirected to the Recharger Chambers via an Internal Manifold System which stores the water until it is safe to infiltrate into the ground.
  • Advantages over traditional forms of rain water management: light weight, economical to ship, units can stack on top of one another, no heavy equipment to install, and opens up greater opportunities to utilize potential space.
  • Satisfies requirements under the Clean Water Act and meets AASHTO H25 standards.
Rain Water & Grey Water Harvesting
Geostorm works closely with Wahaso Water Harvesting Solutions Inc.
  • Allow commercial buildings to save a substantial amount of money every year by harvesting rain water and grey water then utilizing it for onsite sources (ie: toilet flushing, irrigation, etc.)
  • Geostorm focuses on commercial rainwater harvesting systems. The water is collected and put through a filtration process (Continuous Deflection Separation of Organic Filtration). Once the filtration process is complete it must be sterilized. The typical process includes ultra-violet exposure or if further sterilization is necessary chlorination.
  • Grey Water Harvesting: Differentiated from Rain Water as this water can be deemed gently used. It is the water from sinks, showers and dishwashers - A much more predictable and abundant resource when compared to rain water as the supply is constant.
  • Geostorm will design rainwater and grey water management systems for any commercial/industrial building

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